Vehicle Tracking Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring

Vehicle Tracking Real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Our GPS Tracking solution has been designed in order to obtain full visibility on your fleet and your drivers whenever you want and wherever you are. Track and manage your fleet like a professional on our blazingly fast and easy to use live map. All activity and trips are logged in our fully tax compliant triplog.


  • Powerful tools to manage your fleet
  • Professional triplog included
  • The fastest GPS tracking
  • An overview of time spent during the day
  • Easily to set geofences & event triggers
  • Flexible reporting & exports
  • Unlimited history
Vehicle Tracking solution

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Vehicle Tracking is a Solution in Order to

The smart FleetGO control unit registers all movement and vehicle activity and keeps a log of all trips, routes and locations visited. All trips and routes are displayed in clear and easy to search lists and every trip can be viewed in detail, with an unlimited history. And thanks to the many settings and reports, the triplog is fully compliant with local fiscal legislation.
As a fleet manager you want to have a real-time view on your vehicles at all times. Be able to track vehicles via our application on your phone, tablet or desktop.
Get a detailed overview on the hours that are spent during the day. Time of first activity, driving times, time of visit, idle time, pause time and more. See what your workforce is doing and use the information to optimize your operations.

Fleet Management Made Easy

Get on top of your fleet and your drivers with our GPS Tracking solution; the smartest solution to manage your fleet. The FleetGO control units streams all relevant data to your screen where you are in full control. Easily set triggers, events and geofences. Search for the nearest vehicle and improve productivity. Let drivers authenticate with the optional RFID Reader option or protect their privacy with our Privacy Button option.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

FleetGO’s real-time map is the fastest GPS tracking map in the industry. In one view you have complete visibility of all your vehicles, statuses, drivers, POI’s and recent trips. Within the interactive map you have all tools you need to make your workforce more efficient. You can easily find vehicles, drivers and find the nearest vehicles of any random location, including ETA’s.

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Vehicle GPS tracking holds various purposes, as to

Improve service icon

Service Excellence

eing able to track your drivers and vehicles at all times your company becomes more responsive. If an unplanned event comes up you will be able to localize the nearest driver to the event and send your driver to get the job done.

Increase efficiency icon

Increase Efficiency

Increasing efficiency by tracking your fleet real-time. By knowing where you drivers and vehicles are you will become more responsive and able to make decisions accordingly.

How much do I save using Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Part of a Complete Solution

Upgrade the Remote Tacho Download solution by adding one of the following solutions:

Fuel monitoring icon

Fuel Monitoring

Monitoring the fuel consumption of your fleet is the key to cost reduction. Our fuel consumption monitoring system allows your fleet manager to have clear insights in fuel consumption per vehicle at all times

Logbook icon

Mileage Tracking

The smart FleetGO control unit registers all movement and vehicle activity and keeps a log of all trips, routes and locations visited. All trips and routes are displayed in clear and easy to browse lists and every trip can be viewed in detail, with an unlimited history.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring icon

Driver Behaviour

Save tons of operational costs on your fleet, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With the driver behaviour monitoring tool from FleetGO you get a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers. Keep up the reputation of your company by showing to your customers that you always put safety first by making sure your employees drive safely and responsibly.

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Vehicle Tracking is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

field service industry

Field Service

Track your field service fleet real-time and be able to identify the location of your drivers in order to dispatch your mobile employees among jobs and easily manage urgent customer calls.

emergency services industry

Emergency Services

Emergencies are unplanned events. Situations that demand to save valuable seconds. Be able to dispatch your staff as quick as possible by identifying their location and finding the closest vehicle to the emergency location.

Why FleetGO?

Our drive is to help you establish a smarter fleet. Creating peace of mind for our customers by offering the most innovative vehicle telematics solutions and a user friendly scalable platform fulfilling all the needs a fleet manager has. Our extensive knowledge in the field of connected vehicles and the use of collected data will empower your fleet as well as your company.

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  • We build smarter fleets
  • Scalable solutions
  • Innovative technology
  • State-of-the-art software
  • User-friendly platform
  • Focus on development & research
  • Fully independent

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vehicle Tracking

With GPS tracking you can “follow” your fleet on a live map. We place a so called FleetGO control unit in each vehicle, with a GPS antenna and a GPRS modem. The device streams al data like location, speed and status to the FleetGO cloud, where you have a real-time overview of your fleet. On the live map, you can zoom in on every vehicle for details.
We call it “near real-time”; the FleetGO control units stream their data to the FleetGO cloud. We’ll only have to transfer and process the data to your screen, which is done by our super fast database servers. This means you’ll only have a few seconds delay.
By tracking your vehicles with FleetGO you will access powerful, real-time information about your fleet and vehicle health.
Yes! FleetGO reports are approved and accepted by accountants and tax offices around the globe and compliant with the IRS and other local tax authorities.