Vehicle telematics Connect, optimize and boost your fleet

Vehicle telematics Connect, optimize and boost your fleet

FleetGO Vehicle Telematics Solutions

The automotive industry is experiencing a remarkable transformation by moving towards innovation and technology. Creating connected vehicles by adding technology such as vehicle telematics to cars and trucks offers numerous possibilities of data collection and use to the automotive industry, the customers and related third parties. Vehicle telematics are playing a significant part in this movement by collecting and transmitting the data from the vehicles.

Vehicle tracking part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Featured Vehicle Telematics Solutions

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Vehicle tracking is one of the most used features of vehicle telematics. Vehicle tracking allows you to monitor the location, movement, behaviour and status of a vehicle or fleet.

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Identifying drivers is another useful feature vehicle telematics offers. Monitor the location, behaviour and activity of your drivers across multiple vehicles. Increase operational visibility and keep track of your drivers. Fleet management has never been so easy!

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Remote diagnostics is a new step forward in the automotive industry. This solution offers visibility on manufacturers fault codes real-time and remotely. This is vehicle telematics solution is useful for the fleet manager as well as the driver and the workplace. Indicators on the dashboard can be identified remotely and action can be taken accordingly.

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Heavy vehicle fleets object to legislation struggle with the manual downloads of the .ddd files from the tachographs in their trucks. Remote Tacho Download is a vehicle telematics solution focused on collecting the .ddd files from the truck remotely by collecting all tachograph data and send it to our cloud-based platform.

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Our drive is to help you establish a smarter fleet. Creating peace of mind for our customers by offering the most innovative vehicle telematics solutions and a user friendly scalable platform fulfilling all the needs a fleet manager has. Our extensive knowledge in the field of connected vehicles and the use of collected data will empower your fleet as well as your company.

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