Trailer ID & Trailer Tracking Real-time data of trailer location and tractor

Trailer ID & Trailer Tracking Real-time data of trailer location and tractor

Trailer Tracking System

With FleetGO Trailer ID & Trailer Tracking, you always have a complete overview of your trailers. Every time a trailer is connected to one of your tractors, it sends its ID to the tractor unit, which also logs the actual GPS location. With Trailer ID You will obtain a better insight in the utilization of your trailers and improve the efficiency of you total fleet.


  • Automatic connection and trailer ID registration
  • Automatic recording of trips when connected
  • Last known location on map
  • Plug & Play solution
Trailer Tracking solution

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Trailer Tracking is a Solution in Order to

Knowing when and where your trailers are coupled or uncoupled will help you to keep an eye on the activity of your fleet. Detect suspicious or inefficient situations quickly.
Be in charge of your entire fleet and its trailers whenever you want and wherever you are. All trailer data will be available on our cloud-based platform.
Keeping record of trailer locations and events like coupling and uncoupling will allow you to trace back issues of any kind.
Integrate our trailer tracking solution with your software in order to attain operational excellence.

Real-Time Localisation of Trailers and Connected Tractors

The Trailer ID unit, is a small piece of hardware that needs to be installed in the trailer. Every trailer gets its own ID and the smart FleetGO platform automatically recognizes the trailer when a tractor connects. When connected, all trips will be automatically recorded to keep track on the movement and utilization of the trailer. Once disconnected, it marks the trailer as “parked” with the last known location

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Gain operational excellence by upgrading this solution by adding the following solutions:

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Increase Efficiency

Be able to track the location and status of your trailer in order to increase efficiency. By knowing where your trailers are you will be enabled to optimize planning.

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Improve Safety

Keep your trailers and their environment safe. By knowing where your trailers are you are able to take action whenever needed.

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By integrating our trailer tracking solution into the software your company uses for planning or invoicing makes your company even more efficient.

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Trailer Tracking part of Vehicle Telematics

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Trailer Tracking is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

logistics and transportation industry

Logistics and Transportation

construction industry


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