The FleetGO Telematics Platform Our telematics platform is known as one of the most powerful and flexible cloud solutions in the market.

Works on all devices

No matter what kind of device you’re working on: as long as you’re connected to internet, you can always access the FleetGO cloud.

Next to our web based cloud platform, we offer a free Android and iOS app with lightweight functions.

User friendly

One of the main goals from FleetGO is to deliver a user friendly platform and user experience. Since we have a lot of features and functionalities, we’re dedicated to “put the right buttons on the right places”.


We are a fan of fast applications and for that there is only one partner: Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our applications are served from the local datacenter in Frankfurt with a fallback location in The Netherlands. We use only the top-of-the-shelve hardware and configurations.


All data is transmitted over and secured private network and APN. All data is encrypted and stored behind a 256mbit secured site. On top of that we use the top level security standards and policies of or partner AWS.

99,99% uptime

Our platform is extremely well designed to be highly available. Downtime is not in our dictionary and we promise a 99,99% uptime of our services.

Role-Based Access Control

FleetGO comes with a fully fledged RBAC system to customize access and rights according to your needs.

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-based_access_control

Flexible hierarchy

Easily organize your fleet and workforce in branch offices, divisions, departments, groups, etc. using our flexible group hierarchies. Multiple hierarchies are possible depending on your needs. Grand access to each branch depending on peoples role in the organization while maintaining overview at the highest level.

Multiple languages and localizations

Our platform is available in multiple languages and upon request we can easily add translations and configure country specific settings. At this moment our platform is available in English, German and Dutch.

Fully customizable & brandable

Depending on your needs menu functions can be moved or removed. It is even possible to change to color schema of our GUI and integrate your company logo.

Advanced dashboards & reports

All data is visualized in easy to use dashboards and easy to configure reports, from management level to the lowest level of detail.


The FleetGO cloud has tons of functionalities, but we know that all data we collect, can also be useful for other applications like ERP systems, accounting software, big data analysis etc. In order to retrieve the data, we’ve developed an API, which is free to use

Continuous development

Like you can expect from a high tech company, our dedicated development team is continuously working on our platform with new features and functionalities. Next to our own road map, we thrive on user feedback.

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