Remote Tacho Download With our Remote Tacho Download solution you can fully automate the downloads of .ddd-files from your vehicles and driver cards.

Stay in Control of Your Tachograph Data With Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO you'll get rid of the headache of collecting all .ddd files from your vehicles and driver cards.

You are in full control of your data. FleetGO’s tacho download solution gives you piece of mind and allows you to focus on your business.

The intelligent FleetGO control unit is constantly connected to the powerful FleetGO cloud, which monitor and schedules downloads automatically and efficiently. Downloaded files are automatically checked for integrity and completeness.

FleetGO is an affordable, manufacturer independent solution and works with all modern tachographs from VDO and Stoneridge.

All encrypted data is clearly organised and remains online for 10 years.


  • Manufacturer independent
  • Automatic download of tachographs (.ddd)
  • Automatic download of driver cards (.ddd)
  • Remote authentication of Company Card
  • Centralised, scheduled downloads
  • Realtime insights in drive & rest times
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Automatic integrity checks

It’s time for your company to find an easier way to download tachograph data.

ddd files

Download of all .ddd-files Both mass storage & driver card downloads on autopilot

With Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO you’ll never have to manually download the .ddd-files from your vehicles or driver cards again: all files will be downloaded automatically, no matter where you’re vehicles or drivers are.

All encrypted files will be transferred over the air in your central file storage within the FleetGO Cloud, where they will be stored for 10 years.

Schedule & Monitor Create download schedules and let FleetGO monitor it

You can set your own download intervals for the mass storage and driver cards. FleetGO automatically guards over your intervals and makes sure that your files are always downloaded on time.

Next to the flexible interval, FleetGO makes sure that all files are always downloaded within the legal terms: 90 days for the mass storage and 28 days for driver cards.

FleetGO is compliant to VO. (EG) 561/2006 and  (EWG) Nr. 3821/85.

download intervals
live drive times

Live Driving Times Real-time overview of Driving Times

FleetGO gives you live insight in remaining driving times in a simple view of the daily, weekly and two-weekly budgets. So called “Time related warnings” are brought to the immediate attention of your planners. With this powerful tool your planners can make the right choices and send the right drivers to the right jobs without risking any violation of EU Regulation 561/2006 or AETR rules.

Company Card Hosting We take care of your company card

A service included within Remote Tacho Download from FleetGO is Company Card Hosting. We’ll take care of your company card(s) and make sure that they are 24/7 connected to our cloud.

You don’t have to worry about security or firewall settings or guarantee uptime yourself: we give you a piece of mind.

company card

Powerful tools

Completeness Checks: All tachograph data in one view in our “legal archive”. Easily check if all days are accounted for and if manual entries have been properly entered into the tachograph.

Driver Infringments Analysis: Create comprehensive reports of all violations of the driving and resting time rules based on Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

Attestation of Activities: Automatically create “Attestation of Activities” forms for all your drivers to sign. In compliance with Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

Working Hours Statement: Easily create a report to account for missing working hours. Automatically create forms for drivers to manually account for the missing hours.

Planning Report: Create a report that accurately shows remaining driving times for today, the current week and next week. The same report also shows when the next weekly rest period is due and shows how long this rest period (at least) should be. Use this report to easily plan trips for your driver without risking any violations of Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

Integrations Transfer all files easily to tachograph analysis software

If you already use software for the analysis of your tachograph files, you can easily transfer all .ddd-files into the software from VDO TIS-Web, Optac3 and other 3rd party software.


Extensive reporting Easy to configure & schedule reports

Within the FleetGO Cloud everything is interactive and visualized, but of course all data can be easily extracted in static reports. All reports can be exported as PDF, CSV or XML. You can easily create reports and schedule repeating reports. With this option you or your employees receive the reports right in your inbox at the moment of your choice.

Need more features? Upgrade Remote Tacho Download with these features:

Respect your drivers’ privacy with the privacy button. Once activated, the vehicles whereabouts are only visible to the driver.
Read more about GPS Tracking.
Get more vehicle specific data like:

  • Odometer
  • RPM’s
  • Fuel consumption
  • …other 50KPI’s!

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