Eco Driving Detailed vehicle & driver performance insights. Improve fuel efficiency, increase safety and lower operational costs.

Make your employees better & safer drivers Analyse driver behavior to get a grip on your operational fleet costs.

Save tons of operational costs on your fleet, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With Eco Driving from FleetGO you get a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers.

The intelligent FleetGO control unit measures critical KPI’s about driver behavior like: speeding, harsh accelerations, harsh braking and excessive cornering.

Eco Driving will help you train (and maintain) good driver behavior. This will improve the safety of your employees and let’s you save lot’s of money on operational fleet costs.

With the optional CAN/FMS interface it’s possible to retrieve a wide range of extra parameters directly from the vehicles like odometer, RPM, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature etc.


  • Analyse driver behavior
  • Set targets & goals for your organization
  • Includes, speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking & excessive cornering events
  • Upgrade with CAN/FMS data for more parameters
  • Easy to use management dashboards
  • Comprehensive reports & flexible to organize
  • Realtime GPS Tracking included

Get insights in the performance of your vehicles and drivers with Eco Driving.

trip details

Detailed information About your drivers behavior & performance

Detailed recording of pre-defined excessive driving events like:

  • Harsh accelerations
  • Harsh braking
  • Excessive cornering
  • Virtual speed limiter
  • Virtual RPM limiter (only with CAN/FMS)
  • Fuel consumption (only with CAN/FMS)

In-depth reports See how your drivers are performing in one simple report

Easy to interpret reports to see how your vehicles and driver are performing in relation to each other, to their department or to the entire company. Set goals and targets and generate personal scoring cards.

fuel report

Easy to use dashboards The right data on your screen with flexible management dashboards

  • Compare vehicles, drivers, groups, etc.
  • Highest & average speeds
  • Fuel consumption
  • Excessive behavior
  • Distance traveled
  • Time spent (driving, stopping & idling)
  • Distance in/outside urban area’s
  • Distance during rush hours

CAN/FMS data Retrieve more parameters with the optional CAN/FMS interface

With the optional CAN/FMS interface it’s possible to get more vehicle specific parameters like RPM’s, fuel consumption, use of cruise control, engine temperature, engine load etc.

For most commercial vehicles it’s possible to use one of the industry data standards like CANbus, J1939, J1708/J1587, OBD, ISO11992, serial and proprietary data networks. Read more about FMS data.

Extensive reporting Easy to configure & schedule reports

Within the FleetGO Cloud everything is interactive and visualized, but of course all data can be easily extracted in static reports. All reports can be exported as PDF, CSV or XML. You can easily create reports and schedule repeating reports. With this option you or your employees receive the reports right in your inbox at the moment of your choice.


Privacy Protection Protect privacy with a simple button

In some cases where the drivers privacy may be harmed, a simple button can help. With the optional Privacy Button, drivers can decide whether the trip is for “Business” or “Private” purposes. Once switched to “Private” all data regarding to the trip is anonymized and the vehicle isn’t traceable on the live map. Only the driver is able to access this information if necessary.

Driver Identification Let drivers identify with a personal key

In the situation that a vehicle has more than one regular driver, you may want to use the optional Driver Identification. With this feature, every driver get’s a personal RFID key tag (or sticker) which is related to the driver. Once the ignition of a vehicle is turned on, the driver must authenticate with the personal tag, so the device automatically detects which driver is behind the wheel.

Need more features? Upgrade Eco Driving with these features:

Respect your drivers’ privacy with the privacy button. Once activated, the vehicles whereabouts are only visible to the driver.
Got more than 1 driver on your vehicles? With the RFID reader you’ll let every driver identify themselves with their personal keytag.
Get more vehicle specific data like:

  • Odometer
  • RPM’s
  • Fuel consumption
  • …other 50KPI’s!

Ask one of our consultants to find out the possibilities for your fleet!

Also got heavy vehicles (trucks) with a tachograph in your fleet? Read more about Remote Tacho Download.

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