Remote Temperature Monitoring with Valor Wireless and real-time temperature monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring with Valor Wireless and real-time temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitoring System TempTrac for Trucks and Trailers

The Valor TempTrac Temperature Monitoring System has been specifically engineered to help you meet today’s demanding temperature-sensitive delivery requirements. This system is designed to display critical data regarding mobile refrigerated compartments on trucks and trailers. Whether it be fresh products, frozen goods, or sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals, TempTrac ensures that you deliver accurately, reliably and safely. The Valor patented solution monitors up to four zones simultaneously, and is seamlessly integrated into FleetGO’s telematics solutions which makes it a very powerful tool. All data and reports are available within the flexible cloud platform and allows you to proactively monitor your fleet.


  • Constantly monitors temperature inside the trailer
  • Automatic alerts when temperature changes
  • Monitor up to four zones, 24/7
  • Wireless sensors for easy installation
  • Long-lasting battery life (5-7 years)
  • Track temperatures through the life of a shipment
  • HACCP compliant
Temperature monitoring solution

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Remote Temperature Monitoring is a Solution in Order to

The TempTrac Temperature Monitoring allows you to track the temperature of your trailers to protect temperature sensitive goods from perishing. Stay on top of your shipments with real-time alerts, zone monitoring and unlimited reports.
The TempTrac sensor kit is able to retrieve temperature data from up to 4 different zones. Track temperatures through the life of a shipment and trend temperatures over time.
Deliver safely and with confidence by tracking the temperature through the chain of custody of your goods.
With easy to set thresholds for low and high temperatures, you will instantly get notified when you face potential challenges with your cargo.
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Temperature Monitoring Kit

The Valor TempTrac kits exists of a transceiver, an antenna, and a sensor. This kit is connected to the intelligent FleetGO black box, which is transmitting all data into our cloud platform.

Choose Between Three Different Setups

  • Fixed refrigerator
  • Standard trailer / tractor
  • Autonomous trailer (for 24/7 monitoring)

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Remote temperature monitoring is a useful tool for logistic companies dealing with cold chain transport. Find out why remote temperature monitoring is beneficial for your company.

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Our Remote Temperature monitoring helps you to ensure HACCP compliance by tracking and storing temperature data.

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Increase Efficiency

The temperature data no longer needs to be read manually. The data is collected in the FleetGO platform and is easy to view real-time online as well as to export.

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Service Excellence

Ensure the customer that the goods have been transported and delivered at the required temperature.

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Reducing Costs

By keeping the temperature at the required level the transported goods are less likely to be spilled and the right temperature will assure the quality of the transported products.

How much do I save using Remote Temperature Monitoring?

Temperature monitoring part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Part of a Complete Solution

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Temperature Monitoring is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

Logistics and transportation industry

Logistics and Transportation

Transporting perishable goods like frozen food requires surveillance. The temperature has to be perfect in order to prevent breaking the cold chain during transport.

emergency services industry

Emergency Services

Medical transport of pharmaceutical drugs, blood or organs require very specific and exact temperatures.

Why FleetGO?

Our drive is to help you establish a smarter fleet. Creating peace of mind for our customers by offering the most innovative vehicle telematics solutions and a user friendly scalable platform fulfilling all the needs a fleet manager has. Our extensive knowledge in the field of connected vehicles and the use of collected data will empower your fleet as well as your company.

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Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain

Cold chain transportation may be required for various items in order to reach their destination safely while maintaining the quality of the product. Agricultural produce for example, such as fruits and vegetables are perishable goods and benefit from a cold chain transport. Seafood, meat and poultry should always be transported in a temperature controlled environment in order to meet quality standards by avoiding bacteria to multiply. Horticultural products require a certain temperature in order to deliver the best quality possible and keep their market potential. Medical products like pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, insulin, medical devices, blood and blood related products like plasma require very strict temperature precautions.

How to avoid Breaking the Cold Chain during Transport

Preventing cold chain failure is critical. For instance, most of the currently available publicly funded vaccines must be stored between 2°C and 8°C to maintain their potency. The “cold chain” refers to the continuum of safe handling practices, including materials, equipment and procedures, that maintain vaccines within this temperature range from the time they are manufactured to the time they are administered to patients. Transport is a vital clasp in this chain, which are not to be broken.

Critical is to execute the load, unload and transport in temperature-controlled environments. To have the equipments, a monitoring system and detailed planning. If any possible spoilage arises, make sure a backup plan or assist team is ready to prevent any loss.

Transport of Perishable Goods

Transporting perishable goods requires precautions and the right temperature in order to meet quality needs. The temperature should be as stable as possible throughout the whole supply chain. By monitoring the temperature of the refrigerated compartiments it becomes both easy to meet the standards during transport as well as to verify if quality standards are met during transport.