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Remote Diagnostics Diagnostic info on your fleet

Remote Diagnostics Diagnostic info on your fleet

Remote Diagnostics

Our Remote Diagnostics solutions offer you a complete overview of the status and health of your entire fleet. Receive alerts and notifications whenever events occur such as an increase in temperature in refrigerated trucks, low tire pressure or a vehicle breakdown. Our solutions empower you to avoid equipment failure and proactively plan the maintenance of your vehicles.

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Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Our Remote Vehicle Diagnostics solution offers you a complete overview of the status and health of your entire fleet.

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Remote Temperature Monitoring

Our Remote Temperature Monitoring helps you to maintain the required temperature in your trucks and trailers.

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Our TPMS solution enables you to see the real-time tyre pressure of your trucks, busses and trailers.

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Enhanced Diagnostic Data

Our solutions offer you real-time insights into the status and health of your vehicles such as tyre pressure, temperature inside refrigerated trucks and malfunction indicators. The DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) regarding your vehicles are displayed in our platform offering detailed information such as description, location, failure type information, status information and severity information.

Optimise the Maintenance Process

By monitoring your fleet with our Remote Diagnostics solutions you will be able to detect malfunctions and take actions accordingly. Receive alerts and notifications regarding malfunctions or equipment failures of your vehicles. You can easily determine if the errors or failures are severe and need immediate reparation or if you can schedule a reparation later on during a maintenance check-up. Proactively plan the maintenance of your fleet in order to avoid serious issues or breakdowns.

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Our drive is to help you establish a smarter fleet. Creating peace of mind for our customers by offering the most innovative vehicle telematics solutions and a user friendly scalable platform fulfilling all the needs a fleet manager has. Our extensive knowledge in the field of connected vehicles and the use of collected data will empower your fleet as well as your company.

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