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Yes with the “All-in Subscription”. As long as you’re subscribed to our services we guarantee that the hardware works 100%. With the flexible plan you have 36 months warranty.

If any problem occurs, or if hardware fails, we’ll fix it for you for zero!

The “all-in subscription” is our primary service model. We provide you all the hardware you need, based on full operational lease, where FleetGO remains the legal owner of the hardware. If any part of the hardware fails we will change it free of charge (no hardware and installation costs). Access to our cloud platform, data communication, support, etc., everything we need to provide the service to your company is included in the subscription fee.
When you cancel an All-in subscription, all hardware we’ve provided needs to be properly returned to us. When the hardware is returned your subscription ends. If you have no more active subscriptions you will keep access to your data for another 3 months for free to make exports of your data.
Of course you can! We offer a 60 day money back guarantee, without obligations.

Data & Security

Yes. All data is transmitted over a secured private network and APN. All data is encrypted and stored behind a 256bit secured site. On top of that we use the top level security standards and policies of or partner Amazon Web Services.
Yes. We respect and protect your privacy. You are in total control of your data and we never use your personal information for other purposes or sell your information to third parties.
We are a huge fan of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our applications are served from the local datacenter in Frankfurt with a fallback location in The Netherlands. We use only the top-of-the-shelve hardware and configurations.
Yes! There are some systems on the market which are easily accessible and which can make you hack into the vehicle. Most of these systems are driven by hardware that communicates through your cellphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC.

The FleetGO control units don’t have such communication channels and the units only sends fully encrypted data through a secured and private network (APN).

In use

In that case all data will saved on the internal memory of the control unit. As soon as the network is available again, details will be sent retrospectively. GPS tracking will not be operating real-time in such a case. The FleetGO servers also check signals and incoming data. Should there be no data traffic, you will receive a notification.
Our system is performing constant integrity checks on all control units and the data we receive. If we have the suspicion that things are not running smooth, we’ll let you know!
Call or e-mail us to make an appointment with one of our certified engineers. We will de-install the control unit from the vehicle and re-install it in your new vehicle(s).
You can order extra control units through your account (or you can call us). You can add as many vehicles and users as you wish.

GPS Tracking & Triplog

With GPS tracking you can “follow” your fleet on a live map. We place a so called FleetGO control unit in each vehicle, with a GPS antenna and a GPRS modem. The device streams al data like location, speed and status to the FleetGO cloud, where you have a realtime overview of your fleet. Learn more about GPS Tracking.
Because FleetGO will make your fleet smarter and gives you access to powerful, realtime information about your fleet and vehicle health.
We call it “near realtime”; the FleetGO control units stream their data to the FleetGO cloud. We’ll only have to transfer and process the data to your screen, which is done by our super fast database servers. This means you’ll only have a few seconds delay.
Yes! FleetGO reports are approved and accepted by accountants and tax offices around the globe and compliant with the IRS and other local tax authorities.

Eco Driving

Eco Driving is a solution to measure the behavior of your drivers, based on several parameters. With Eco Driving you can compare vehicles and drivers, set goals and benchmarks. You can improve fuel usage, safety and save on maintenance costs. Read more about Eco Driving.

  • Speed
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Excessive cornering
  • Idling

With CAN data:

  • RPM
  • Fuel usage
  • Odometer

The Fleet Management Systems Interface (FMS) is a standard interface to vehicle data of commercial vehicles. With FMS it’s possible to retrieve manufacturer independent data.

You can read more about FMS here.

You should ask your garage. Most manufacturers offer FMS as an option (excluding DAF, they fit an FMS-interface in every vehicle).
We can fit an aftermarket FMS interface in almost every vehicle. Ask one of our consultants to assist you.

Remote Tacho Download

Remote Tacho Download is a solution to automatically download your tachograph and driver cards without human interference. Learn more about Remote Tacho Download.
VDO: from version 1.4 and up

Stoneridge: from version SE5000 and up

You can set your own download intervals!
FleetGO will host your Company Card(s) as a service. You only need an extra Company Card copy.
We’ll store all data for 10 years on our secure cloud environment.


Yes! The FleetGO control units work with every vehicle we know. Some functions such as a connection to the vehicle’s CAN-bus, may vary from vehicle to vehicle. Ask one of our consultants and let them check it out for you.
Yes they can! We offer full documentation and full remote support to local installation partners. Don’t have access to a workshop or garage? Hire one of our certified engineers to do it for you!
No. All FleetGO control units are built upon the highest quality standards and we don’t void car warranty. We are in close contact with OEM’s, which are supporting our solutions.


Because FleetGO is one of the best telematics providers in Europe. We’re innovative, fast growing and always looking for new solutions. We are dedicated to our task of leveraging the data of your fleet and drivers.

  • The best telematics platform
  • LIFETIME warranty
  • Proven technology
  • Dedicated support team
  • Vendor independent
  • Highest security standards
  • Free updates
  • Free to use REST API
  • We love our customers!

A the moment, FleetGO has around 20,000 active vehicles and we’re growing fast!
Of course! You can export all data as PDF, CSV or XML. If you wan’t a software integration, you can use on of our exisiting integrations or use our API

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