Integrations Leverage our system with other powerful tools from our integration partners.



VDO’s TIS-web is the most comprehensive tool to analyze your .ddd tachograph files. FleetGO can automatically upload all files to TIS-web, where you are in full control of drive times.


timocom-integrationTimoCom is Europe’s largest transport platform where freights and vehicle space come together. The FleetGO tracking solution is fully integrated with the TimoCom platform, where you can see relevant positional data of your fleet.

In addition, with the route planning and calculation tool, you can directly determine the corresponding route and estimate the resulting transport and additional costs from the “Freight & Vehicle Exchange”.


FleetioWant your fleet administration 100% digital? You should take a look at the powerful Fleet Management Software from Fleetio. The data from your vehicles like the odometer & fuel stops we collect, can be automatically imported in Fleetio.


apiFor custom integrations FleetGO provides a state of the art REST API with dozens of settings and streams to integrate alle telematics data in your own software of choice.

If you have any questions about our API, please contact us!