Geofencing Events and Alerts

Geofencing Events and Alerts

Set virtual boundaries and rules in order to trigger alerts and activity reports

Geofencing is a valuable tool for fleet managers. Fleet managers can set rules in order to receive an alert if a truck departs from its assigned boundary. Define your own events and geographical zones or boundaries and receive a notification whenever an event like high speed, unplanned activity and activity outside predefined areas takes place. Our geofencing solution will allow you to prove to authorities that your vehicles respect the determined geographical boundaries.


  • Set virtual fences around locations or specific areas
  • Set rules in order to be notified when an event takes place
  • Collect data on vehicle positions
  • Create activity reports based on locations
  • Set personalised triggers and alerts
  • Receive alerts when activities outside areas take place
  • Immediately detect high speed and unplanned activities
Geofencing solution

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Geofencing is a Solution in Order to

Set virtual fences for each vehicle in your fleet with our geofencing solution. Your fleet manager will be notified whenever the vehicle leaves the predefined zone allowing them to take action and stop the theft while it’s in progress.
Set rules in order to receive alerts whenever an unplanned event takes place. This customizable feature enables you to define the events you want to be notified about. Define your own rules for: high speed, RPM, low fuel level, temperature exceptions, moving in and out predefined areas.
Your company deals with dangerous goods and your insurance company is able to cover you only if you stay in the predefined area in order to avoid dangerous situations. Using our geofencing solution you will be able to proof to your insurance company that you have been respecting the rules at all times.
Track your vehicles through the predefined areas in order to optimize your planning. Receive an alert once a certain area has been cleared.

Get Notified with easy to set Geofences & Events

Geofencing is a powerful tool that enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message (whatsapp, sms, call, email, platform message) when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours.

Geo Events

With Events you can set and manage triggers like: overspeeding, activity outside business hours, activity outside predefined areas etc. In case that an event occurs, you can receive an alert. This allows you to focus on your daily activities, managing your tracking vehicles real-time by exceptional event alerts – saving all the time you need.

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Our geofencing solution is used in all kinds of industries in order to boost fleets and their performance:

Safe driving icon

Improve Safety

By setting events and fences you will be able to detect theft or high speed events. You will receive an alert and you will be able to help your drivers to be safe.

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Service Excellence

Increase customer satisfaction by automatically sending your customers a notification when the vehicle is close to their location.

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Increase efficiency

The geofencing solution has been designed in order to increase efficiency. By creating geofenced zones and events, your fleet manager will receive alerts and is not forced to check all vehicles real-time anymore.

How much do I save using Geofencing?

Geofencing part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Part of a Complete Solution

Upgrade the Geofencing solution by adding one of the following solutions:

Driver identification icon

Driver Identification

Driver Identification enables real-time visibility and reporting by driver. The driver uses a security key for identification. In some cases it may even be mandatory to be able to identify the driver behind the wheel at all times.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring icon

Driver Behaviour

Save tons of operational costs on your fleet, fuel expenses and maintenance costs. With the driver behaviour monitoring tool from FleetGO you get a detailed view on the performance of your vehicles and your drivers. Keep up the reputation of your company by showing to your customers that you always put safety first by making sure your employees drive safely and responsibly.

Vehicle tracking icon

Vehicle Tracking

Get on top of your fleet and your drivers with our GPS Tracking solution. Be able to have access to real-time data on your fleet. For example: locations, statuses, active drivers, POI’s and recent trips.

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Geofencing is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

Logistics and transportation industry

Logistics and Transportation

Your logistics company takes care of delivering goods to your customers. Increase customer satisfaction by offering exclusive features like sending a notification indicating that the goods will soon be delivered.

construction industry


GPS Geofencing is well known among contractors and builders. Geofencing in construction is applied to establish digital boundaries that can be used to control when tools and/or equipment are taken out of those limits. The system works by alerting you through email or text message that the equipment has been moved out of the established region.

rental and leasing industry

Rental and Leasing

When running a car rental business you want to be able to track your vehicles and receive alerts whenever suspicious activity such as vehicle theft is registered.

utilities and government industry


Receive alerts whenever vehicles leave or enter geographicals zones. Geofencing is a very useful tool for the waste management business for example. Be able to detect if a certain geographical area has been cleared according to the waste collecting schedule.

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