Fuel Monitoring Real-time insights into fuel level and consumption

Fuel Monitoring Real-time insights into fuel level and consumption

Fuel Monitoring: Level and Consumption

Monitoring the fuel consumption of your fleet is the key to cost reduction. Our fuel monitoring system allows your fleet manager to have clear insights in fuel consumption per vehicle at all times. Be able to warn your drivers whenever the fuel level is low.


  • Fuel consumption monitoring per vehicle
  • Clear reports
  • Total fuel used (litres since lifetime)
  • Fuel level (0–100%)
  • Highly accurate fuel data via CAN
Fuel Monitoring solution

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Fuel Monitoring is a Solution in Order to

Our fuel consumption monitoring solution has been designed in order to obtain critical information on fuel consumption. Be able to determine where you can cut off on fuel costs.
By having critical insights in fuel consumption, our clients are able to reduce their fuel cost by up to 20%.

Smart Fuel Control

Fuel consumption and fuel costs are closely related. The more fuel is consumed, the higher the costs will get. By reducing fuel consumption you will be able to lower fuel costs significantly. Monitoring fuel consumption of your fleet will put you in charge of the collected data on fuel consumption and eventually fuel costs. This will allow you to take decisions in order to lower fuel costs and increase profitability.

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Monitoring fuel level and consumption brings many benefits to the management of your fleet.

Reducing costs icon

Reducing Costs

By monitoring the fuel consumption of your vehicles you will obtain valuable insights into the fuel consumption of your vehicles and drivers. This will allow you to identify where fuel costs are spend unnecessary and reduce them accordingly.

Green driving icon

Green Driving

Green driving means paying attention to driver behaviour, tire pressure and fuel consumption. Speeding, harsh braking, RPM and other aspects of driver behaviour can be the source of excessive fuel consumption.

How much do I save using Fuel Monitoring?

Fuel monitoring part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Part of a Complete Solution

Upgrade the Fuel Monitoring solution by adding one of the following solutions:

Remote diagnostics icon

Remote Diagnostics

Our Remote Diagnostics solution gives fleet owners valuable insights into the health status of their fleets by monitoring and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) remotely. This allows you to gain overall control over the maintenance process of your fleet.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring icon

Driver Behaviour

Be able to monitor the behaviour of your drivers. Excessive speeding, harsh braking, idling and other driver behaviour related data.

Vehicle tracking icon

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Get on top of your fleet and your drivers with our GPS Tracking solution. Be able to have access to real-time data on your fleet. For example: locations, statuses, active drivers, POI’s and recent trips.

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Fuel Monitoring is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

field service industry

Field Service

By determining the cost of your intervention you should be aware of the fuel costs. By monitoring the fuel consumption you will be able to calculate the average fuel costs per intervention.

Logistics and transportation industry

Logistics and Transportation

Logistics are usually very costly because of fuel costs due to excessive fuel consumption and other vehicle related charges. Your company will be able to make more profit by detecting cases of excessive fuel consumption and reducing fuel costs accordingly.

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Our drive is to help you establish a smarter fleet. Creating peace of mind for our customers by offering the most innovative vehicle telematics solutions and a user friendly scalable platform fulfilling all the needs a fleet manager has. Our extensive knowledge in the field of connected vehicles and the use of collected data will empower your fleet as well as your company.

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Excessive Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption depends on various factors. Of course the type of vehicle and engine have a massive impact on the fuel consumption. These factors are usually quite stable, since you can easily determine what the average fuel consumption is for your vehicle or what fuel brand or type is recommended for you vehicle.

Driver behaviour on the other hand is a more difficult factor to gain control over. Idling, using the wrong gears, speeding, heavy braking are known to increase fuel consumption and will lead to unnecessary fuel costs.

How to Reduce Fuel Consumption

The most effective way to reduce fuel costs is by examining the source of the excessive fuel consumption. The cause can be due to for example your vehicle and the maintenance of your vehicle, the tire pressure, the load, the route or the driver behaviour.

By monitoring fuel consumption you will be able to detect excessive fuel consumption, you can additionally take a look at the distance of the trip, the speed, the type of environment and other circumstances in order to identify the trigger of excessive fuel consumption.
Once you have identified the cause you will be able to take action whether it is by repairing your vehicle, choosing the right tire-pressure or helping your drivers to be conscious about their driver behaviour.