Driver Identification Real-time visibility and reporting by driver

Driver Identification Real-time visibility and reporting by driver

Automatic Driver Identification System

The vehicles in your fleet are used by several drivers and you want to identify which driver is driving which vehicle at all times. Driver Identification enables real-time visibility and reporting by driver. The driver uses a security key for identification. In some cases it may even be mandatory to be able to identify the driver behind the wheel at all times.


  • Easily run fleet reports by driver as well as by vehicle
  • Time tracking for individual drivers to verify timesheets
  • Ensuring that the driver is authorised to drive the vehicle
  • Tracking of driver behavior and monitoring offences
  • RFID and Mifare tags
  • Securing driver identification history for 10 years
Driver Identification solution

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Driver Identification is a Solution in Order to

The Driver Identification solution assists in complying with key legislation such as Working Time regulations through recording and reporting of driving hours and driver behavior at all times and across multiple vehicles.
Having to identify oneself may increase the feeling of responsibility and accountability.
By tracking and recording driving times per driver overtime claims can be easily reduced.
Be able to identify who was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.
When drivers switch vehicles regularly it becomes hard to identify who has been driving which vehicle. Our driver identification solution allows you to identify drivers across multiple vehicles.
Create a report that accurately shows remaining driving times for today, the current week and next week. The same report also shows when the next weekly rest period is due and shows how long this rest period (at least) should be. Use this report to easily plan trips for your driver without risking any violations of Regulation (EC) 561/2006 and AETR.

Identify and Monitor Your Drivers

In the situation that a vehicle has more than one regular driver, you may want to use the optional Driver Identification tool. With this feature, every driver will own a personal key tag (or sticker) which is related to the driver. Once the ignition of a vehicle is turned on, the driver must authenticate with the personal tag and the device will automatically detect which driver is behind the wheel.

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The Driver Identification Tool can easily increase fleet efficiency and allows a detailed visibility on your fleet and your drivers.

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Green Driving

Having to identify oneself may increase the feeling of responsibility and accountability. Your drivers will feel the urge to focus on green and safe driving.

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Your company should be able to show driver related information and working hours per driver to authorities if demanded. By using our driver identification solution you will keep records of all driver activities across multiple vehicles.

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Increase Efficiency

Drivers will feel the pressure to be more productive when knowing the fleet manager is keeping an eye on the productivity of the drivers. The downtime of the vehicles will decrease by the increase of productivity of the driver.

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Reduce Costs

Be able to point out who is responsible for paying the fines by identifying the driver responsible of driver the vehicle at the time of the offence.

How much do I save using Driver Identification?

Driver identification part of Vehicle Telematics

A tool for fleet managers Read and analyse vehicle data remotely

Part of a Complete Solution

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Get on top of your fleet and your drivers with our GPS Tracking solution. Be able to have access to real-time data on your fleet. For example: locations, statuses, active drivers, POI’s and recent trips.

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Mileage Tracking

The smart FleetGO control unit registers all movement and vehicle activity and keeps a log of all trips, routes and locations visited. All trips and routes are displayed in clear and easy to browse lists and every trip can be viewed in detail, with an unlimited history.

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Our geofencing tool enables you to set virtual boundaries around locations or specific areas. Receive an instant message when a vehicle enters or leaves a pre-defined area, or get notified when there is some unexpected activity within or outside predefined hours.

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Driver Identification is a solution which is often used in the following industries:

field service industry

Field Service

In the field service industry drivers switch vehicles regularly. Keep track of who is driving your vehicles where at all times.

construction industry

Rental and Leasing

For car rental and leasing it can be useful to use a driver identification system in order to see who has been driving the vehicle and invoice accordingly.

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