FleetGO International Meet us

FleetGO International Meet us

FleetGO International

FleetGO® is part of INmatix Technology Group; a fast growing tech company based in a small town called Hattem in The Netherlands. INmatix is a leading Telematics Service Provider and has branches in the Netherlands and Germany and aims at branch-oriented built-in solutions with well-known (local) labels like RitAssist®.

As there is more and more demand from a much wider target group, spread over a number of branches, we saw the opportunity to launch an affordable, standardized telematics solution; FleetGO®.  By using the proven INmatix platform and the very best of hardware, combined with a ‘lean & mean’ organization structure, we can offer high-quality, professional solutions for really competitive prices.

Our Story

We see that in a lot of companies, vehicles are a big part of daily operations. From our experience at INmatix and our other telematics brands, we already knew that telematics provide key information about vehicles and drivers and could help with improving efficiency and lowering costs.

With FleetGO we want to offer the world an easy to use and affordable telematics system without being dependent on the manufacturers. With our lightweight and highly standardized solutions we’ll empower the fleet owners and managers to have more control over their vehicles and drivers.

Information rather than “just data”

Collecting data is one thing, offering useful information is something totally different. In our opinion the end users shouldn’t be overwhelmed with enormous quantities of data, but should be offered useful and readable information. Therefore we look at data in a slightly different way and aggregate it smartly in order to make the information flow in a useful way and profitable.

Vision: Owners & managers are in control

We knew that we’re facing some challenges, like OEM’s that are offering their own “telematics” solutions. But they have a lot of disadvantages for the owner of the vehicle. Most of these solutions are not transparent, are inflexible and are brand/type specific.

With FleetGO, fleet owners and managers are 100% in control of their vehicles AND their data.

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Why FleetGO?

FleetGO shapes the future by revealing telematics appliances in easy to use and affordable solutions. Passionate to unburden clients by innovative technology, we grew from a start-up into a leading tech company in Europe’s telematics industry. Smart, down to earth and turn key focused FleetGO serves clients in a way that high score satisfaction rates became a standard from the beginning. ‘Nothing changed: our clients lead our way forward.’ A mentality paying off in these values you meet at FleetGO’s:

  • Our independency enables us to serve small and large clients fast, well and future proof by owning platform, software, firmware, gateway & hardware
  • Flexibility is a value that is enabled by the way we work connecting technology, people and service into an optimum for clients.
  • Smart and Appealing: enabled by our FleetGO Academy, state-of-the-art technology revealed in turn key solutions with price levels accessible for any company size.
  • Passionate for tech and innovation: at all times investing 30% profit margin in R&D.
  • Dutch mentality: These roots makes us down to earth. ‘We take care of it, you can count on us.’

Reliable and innovative partner

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