FleetGO®: Next Generation Vehicle Telematics Powerful Tools to Manage Your Fleet, Save Money & Reduce Risks

FleetGO offers a complete range of high-end telematics solutions for light and heavy vehicles. Our basic module is called GPS Tracking & Triplog and is very complete. Our two optional modules are Remote Tacho Download and Eco Driving.


GPS Tracking & Triplog

Get a real-time view on the vehicles’ locations, monitor statuses and improve the efficiency of your fleet. Looking for a specific driver or is a fast response on site of your customer needed? Easily track en guide the nearest vehicle. With GPS Tracking you also have a professional triplog for tax deduction.

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Eco Driving

With the Eco Driving monitor you have a perfect view on the behavior of your drivers and help them becoming better drivers. Good for the environment and your wallet because you save on fuel expenses, reduce the costs of maintenance, damages and repairs. Plus it will improve the safety of your drivers!

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Remote Tacho Download

With Remote Tacho Download you have a fully automated tool to download tachographs and driver cards, no matter where your trucks or drivers are. Next to that you’re planners have a real-view of drive & rest times for efficient planning & routing. Reduce risks to zero and get hold on your complete tachograph archive.

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GPS Tracking

Actionable insights Hands on telematics data right on your screen

  • Complete & tax compliant triplog
  • Time on site, idle times and driving hours
  • Miles driven & mileage reporting
  • Complete trip & route history
  • Realtime vehicle location & status
  • Locations visited
  • Easily set triggers, events & geofences
  • Import & management of POI’s

Fleet Management Professional tools to stay on top of your fleet

  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Drill-down concept
  • +30 pre-set analytic reports
  • Easily manage vehicles, drivers and locations
  • Set automatics triggers, events & geofences
  • Complete vehicle & driver history

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Benefits for your organization:

-25% Reduction of fuel expenses

-30% Reduction in idle time

-10% Drop in daily milage

-15% Reduction of overtime

+15% Boost of workforce productivity

+20% Increase in fleet utilization

Source: “Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System” – Frost & Sullivan 2015 

How does FleetGO work? Smarten up your fleet with FleetGO!

FleetGO® is a smart and easy to implement telematics solution designed for all types and brands of vehicles and trucks. With FleetGO® you get complete visibility of your fleet and all critical information in realtime. The intelligent control unit gathers a wide range of vehicle metrics like: location, status, speed, excessive driving, fuel consumption, RPM, battery health, tachograph data, FMS data and much more.

Real data, real information, realtime!

As simple as 1-2-3.

FleetGO Telematics

Power up your fleet with FleetGO!

Are you ready to get in control of your fleet? FleetGO is one of the most powerful and cost efficient telematics systems on the market. Start saving money today and request a quote.

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